How to Controls Gunblood

Use your mouse or tap the screen to play Gunblood.

Gun blood is a top-rated shoot-out game. In this pixel-style game, quickly pull your trigger and kill the enemies that hinder you. As you win every duel, the enemy you meet will become more durable and more substantial. If you want to experience a war in which God meets God and Buddha kills Buddha, then come to Gun blood to challenge it.

Gun blood’s game operations

In Gun blood, you will only need to click on the screen with the mouse. Before entering the game, you can choose the characters you want so that they can increase your chances of winning.  Because as you win many times, the enemy you meet will become more durable, and the chances of survival will significantly test your choice and operation.

Gun blood’s game features

Gun blood has a variety of characters to choose from to play the game and has hundreds of weapons to choose from. He decides the best hand-weighing attack weapon to improve his attack power. Furthermore, there are many modes to choose, and the most vigorous shooting war can be felt here. Abundant materials and various shopping malls can meet your wishes so that you can experience the feeling of bullets in Gun blood. You can use the scope to find opponents.

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